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Replacing the salons in order to serve, today, a much higher purpose, the Polignac Foundations are an act of remembrance as well as being a true motor for society’s future. They remain faithful to the Polignac ideals, to the talent the family always showed in promoting the arts and to their main places that have witnessed life, encounters and history. The foundations aim at transcending these elements and dedicate them to all of us through privileged themes: heritage, arts, cultural tourism, and self-knowledge.

The Forteresse de Polignac Foundation and the Polignac Ker-Jean Foundation, chaired by Princess Constance de Polignac, obey to the idea of an enlarged patronage and to the creative willingness to undertake. In accordance with the notion of public utility they have always defended, the Foundations constantly work at revealing artists, provoking encounters, encouraging and generating vocations.

They are linked to sites that are filled with soul and history, the Forteress de Polignac, built between the IXth and the XIVth century, concerning the Forteresse de Polignac Foundation, - the Château de Kerbastic, built during the French Directory, concerning the Polignac Ker-Jean Foundation, Both have become the ideal scene for performances, gatherings, concerts, and have turned into unique places of creation, beauty and culture.

The Fortresse de Polignac Foundation
The Fortresse de Polignac Foundation was created in 1998 by Princess Constance de Polignac, fourth daughter of the Prince and Princess Guy de Polignac. This Foundation was born around the Fortress. It particularly aims at:
- Preserving and promoting the region’s emblematic heritage (the Fortress is opened all year long to the public),
- Restoring a fortress in jeopardy,
- Respecting the Maison de Polignac’s contribution to France’s history by perpetuating the art, science and sports Patronage it has carried out since the XVII th century.

The Polignac Ker-Jean Foundation
Created in 1995 by Prince Louis de Polignac, The Polignac Ker-Jean Foundation is chaired since 2002 by his niece, Princess Constance de Polignac.
In general, this foundation aims at encouraging all types of cultural events, most of them organised in the heritage places of the Foundation, and at promoting intellectual, musical and artistic talents through France and Europe.
More precisely, the Foundation aims at:
- Proposing programmes dedicated to art, artists and companies, through an interdisciplinary and innovating approach.
- Organising the Polignac Festival.

Fondations Polignac
Forteresse Polignac
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